How to combine Pentesting with Automation to improve your security

If you’ve been involved in software development in recent years, then you should be aware of the term “Penetration Testing”.

Penetration testing (or pentest) is as popular as ever. I continue to find organizations that spend a lot of money on pentest as their primary means of security, testing periodically while they are in production, yet they are still hacked constantly.

New digital technologies and modern computer platforms allow organizations to rapidly deliver new products and services, create agile business models and revenue streams and enhance operational efficiency.

However, deploying changes faster is a double-edged sword. Consider for a moment what happens when changes contain bugs – or security issues? If there are no systems in place to guard against flawed changes being released, we risk bringing our systems down much faster too.

In this challenging software environment, businesses require a new approach: annual audits are no longer enough. In this article, we explain how you can merge manual penetration testing with automated security testing to improve your security.

New techniques for modern applications

Combining manual penetration testing and automated security testing results in a comprehensive and effective approach to safety. Although they are different, they are not mutually exclusive.

In-depth manual pentests weed out complex attack vectors. However, the amount of code pushed live every day poses a challenge as it is increasingly difficult for security teams to keep track of the latest threats. With the help of automated tools, problems can be discovered before the new code goes into production.

What are the benefits of combining annual penetration testing and automated security testing?

By using automated tools, developers can identify and solve security problems throughout the development cycle. So, while your development team solves the security problems before implementing production updates, the pentesters will concentrate on complex vectors, optimising time and cost.

How can you automate your security testing?

If you have an expert on your team or some free time in your sprint, you can integrate on-premise and open-source tools such as Nessus,


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