Hackmetrix reconocida como una valiosa herramienta de escaneo por el CSIRT

A medida que seguimos trabajando para crear el scanner de seguridad más fácil de utilizar y dev-friendly del mercado, de vez en cuando nos encontramos con cosas que nos hacen estar orgullosos no solo del producto que estamos desarrollando, sino también de cómo es reconocido por otros.

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How we check your security status

What do we do?

If you are reading this, you’ve probably already heard about us, and in this post I do not want to talk about “Who we are” , instead I’d like to talk about How we check the Security Status of your company from the outside with almost no information other than your domain name.

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Big Oops: Google+ to shut down after leaving up to 500,000 users exposed

  • A bug in the Google+ API left data like name, email address and gender of up to 500,000 users exposed
  • Google patched the issue earlier this year and didn’t find any evidence of the data being misused
  • This is the final nail in the coffin for Google+, which will be shut down by the end of 2019

In the past couple years we’ve seen a few giants either fall under scrutiny for how they’ve handled their user’s personal information –ahem-Facebook!-, or straight up had their user data held for ransom as was the case with Uber.

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Hackmetrix 2.0 released with Free Plan, More Powerfull Tests and Better UX

Our team continuously strives to improve the happiness and comfort of our customers. We are in charge of understanding developers’ challenges in searching to improve their software security without sacrificing development time, which is quite limited!

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